After you sign up with Write My Memoirs, your Dashboard will become your personal home page. At the top is Book Basics, which provides fields for you to insert the title of your book and any dedication you’d like to include. You can rename your book or edit your dedication at any time. Below that, your Table of Contents lists your book’s chapters. You can add and edit chapters at any time. To change the order of your chapters, simply click and drag them on the Table of Contents.

From your Dashboard, click on My Timeline to take you to a page that asks you questions about the important dates in your life. Your Personal Timeline will automatically take shape as you’re filling in the fields! It also will appear on your chapter pages, reminding you about your life’s significant milestones as you write. Although creating your Timeline is not required, we encourage you to take advantage of this unique tool.

From either  your Timeline or your Dashboard, click on Start New Chapter. This will take you to your writing tools. Features include:

  • Automatic Save. Write My Memoirs will automatically save your work every 10 seconds.
  • Automatic Word Count. Right below the chapter title, the Word Count updates as you write.
  • Add images. The “Add Photos” button below the Word Count lets you drop in images from your computer or from an outside website. Or, if you publish with Write My Memoirs, you can email us your images.
  • Historical Timeline. As you write, another unique Write My Memoirs writing tool, the Historic Events Timeline, reminds you of events happening throughout the world during past decades.
  • Help section. Our extensive collection of tips and motivation will inspire your work.
  • Safekeeping. Write at your own pace! Log out and leave your work as often as you like; come back to it when you’re ready to continue writing.

Fill out the form in our Writing Services section, and one of our professional editors will polish your work for an affordable fee. We’re good at retaining your “author’s voice” while correcting grammatical errors and alerting you to redundancies, inconsistencies and organizational problems.

Fill out the form in our Publish My Book section, and we will take it from there! You’ll see that our prices are competitive with other self-publishers, but we throw in a lot of love and care because that’s who we are. Soon you’ll have copies of your autobiography to hand out to friends and family.