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We launched Write My Memoirs as a way to make sure people who weren’t famous and might not be able, or even want, to secure a book deal could still leave a document of their lives for their children and grandchildren. We’re passionate about helping people create real books that tell true life stories. Sometimes the hardest part is getting started, so we assembled a collection of helpful tips and secured innovative technology that produces a time line to trigger memories.

Write My Memoirs has been online since the early 2000s, when businessman Sheldon Gray developed it to fill a void in this category of online information as he searched for help to write his own memoir. With a master’s degree from Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism and an extensive background in writing and editing, I joined the company to expand Write My Memoirs by offering users writing and publishing services. In recent years I’ve also been an admin on Facebook’s Grammar Matters page.

Like Sheldon, I am dedicated to documentation—keeping a history of ordinary people’s lives—because I know that everyone’s life is actually not ordinary at all but quite extraordinary. Please click here to access links to my personal essays that appear online at various popular websites.

These are interesting times, and too often people leave little for their descendants, who years later have questions that no longer can be answered. Today our team includes professionals who are skilled and experienced in writing, editing, technology and publishing, all working together to help you chronicle your life.

We’re based in the United States, but people sign into Write My Memoirs from all over the English-speaking world. They’re veterans detailing their war experiences, religious people crafting a memoir in gratitude for a good life, widows and widowers honoring their late spouses and men and women of all ages who enjoy capturing the unique adventures of their lives. We appreciate every one of them!

Unfortunately, Sheldon died in 2013. In his honor and his memory, I aim to continually improve Write My Memoirs. Now I watch his dream come to life every day as people craft and publish their stories. We hope our website motivates you to write your story with joy along with the confidence that we will help you every step of the way. Welcome to the Write My Memoirs community!

Rosanne Ullman