Every ordinary life story is extraordinary!

Every ordinary life story is extraordinary!

Online Writing Course

This course is designed for anyone who wants to get better at the fundamentals of good writing. The examples roll out to tell a story and make learning grammar fun!

Lets you go at your own pace
 Ranges from basics to advanced grammar
Covers the most troublesome writing issues
Instructor has 30+ years as a professional writer, editor, and teacher
Interactive with learn, practice, and answer components

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What Students Are Saying

“I’ve enjoyed the program immensely. I verified my knowledge and good instincts and discovered how little I know. Thank you.” -Anonymous Student
“I feel I have learned so much in a short period of time.”
“I’ve enjoyed this course greatly. It has confirmed and strengthened many things I thought I knew. It has taught me many new things and taught me that I was wrong about lots I thought I knew. Many thanks.” -Evelyn C.
Great class—thanks. You covered all the basics, and I learned a lot. It’s good to review these things every once in a while!
-Anonymous Student
“Excellent handouts—very useful as references.”
-Anonymous Student
“I really enjoyed your class. It was interesting, informative and fun.”
-Cindy C.
“Rosanne is very friendly and makes everyone feel comfortable. Learned a lot.” -Anonymous Student
“Just a big ‘thank you!’ The class fulfilled all my expectations.” -Anne T.
“I feel everyone gained a great deal. In fact, by comparison, I have participated in a college writing course and gained nothing.” -Anonymous Student
“I learned a great deal and found your materials to be excellent.” -Carol H.
“The class was helpful, even for those of us who work with proofing skills everyday. It points out that we all miss things..”
-Trudy G.
“I have enjoyed your class. My goal was to improve my English, and I have accomplished that goal. Thank you.” -Mary S.

Review parts of speech and parts of a sentence. Take this lesson for free!

The apostrophe is a little mark with a big impact! By studying apostrophes, you’ll learn all about contractions and possessives, which will improve your writing in general.

The poor comma, so widely misunderstood, is happy you’re taking this lesson! A little attention to clauses and phrases will have you inserting commas where they belong.

You’re not the only one who isn’t sure how to use colons, semicolons, parentheses, em dashes and the rest of those little marks. After this lesson, you’ll be an expert.

How can you tell whether a verb or pronoun should be singular or plural? To many people, this is a mystery! This lesson guides you in making sure the various parts of speech in your sentences agree with each other.

If you cringe when you hear someone say “him and I,” you’ll love this focus on pronouns. And if you’re the one saying “him and I,” prepare to immerse yourself in an important aspect of English grammar.

Mastering verbs, verb tenses and verb modifiers will not only help you stay grammatically correct but also improve your writing significantly. This lesson will give you confidence to use strong verbs and edge you closer to the writer you want to be!

Want to nail down the difference between “lie” and “lay”? Get confused about “complimentary” and “complementary”? After this lesson, you’ll be the one who helps other people keep it straight!

Now that you have your grammar tools, it’s time to use them! But before you take them out for a spin, check out this lesson, which reveals the secrets that good writers know about how to write compelling copy in your own, original voice.


Then just set up a chapter and start writing your memoir. Don’t worry about rules. There are no rules to writing your memoir; there are only trends. These trends are based on techniques and features identified in current top-selling memoirs. At best, they’re the flavor of the month. If you’re capturing your life in print for your family, for your own gratification or to inspire readers, rather than aiming to set off Hollywood screenplay bidding wars, these trends don’t even apply to you. You’ll write the memoir that suits you best, and it will be timeless, not trend-driven.There are no rules, but there are four steps:

1. Theme/framework
2. Writing
3. Editing/polishing
4. Self-publishing

You’ve researched this, too, and you’ve been shocked at the price for getting help with any one of those steps, much less all four. That’s because most memoir sites promise to commercialize your work. They’ll follow a formula based on current memoir trends, because they want to convince you that they can turn your memoir into a best-seller. These sites overwhelm you with unnecessary information not to help you, the memoir author, but to address Search Engine Optimization (SEO) algorithms so they can sell more.

That’s not what we do at Write My Memoirs. Our small community of coaches, writers and editors are every bit as skilled as any you’ll find, and we charge appropriately for their expertise and the time they’ll spend helping you craft a compelling, enjoyable read. But you won’t pay an upcharge for other websites’ commercialization, the marketing that follows, and the pages of intimidating “advice.” You can sell your book if you like—we have ISBNs available for you—but our organic process of capturing your story takes a noncommercial path.

If you want help with any or all of the four steps above, choose from our services or save money by selecting one of our packages. If you’d like to talk about what’s right for you, schedule a call. One year from now, you can be holding your published memoir in your hand. And at that point, it will be a big deal!