As a Second Language for Memoir Writing, English Is Challenging!

Many of the inquiries we receive about help writing memoirs comes from our members who did not grow up speaking English. If you want to write your life story in English but are not a native speaker, it’s not easy to get this language exactly right. You can make yourself understood when you’re speaking it, but to write it properly the level of mastery must be higher.

As an editor, I receive a lot of press releases, and it’s frequently apparent that either the writer or translator is a non-native speaker. As an example, a recent press release that came my way read, “The progressive approach to education, as well as their own down to earth personality’s make for a perfect cocktail to share excitement!??? I can tell what this means, but the choice of words is not natural-sounding, and the grammar is not entirely correct. I would rework this sentence to say, “The instructors’ progressive approach to education combines perfectly with their down-to-earth personalities to generate excitement!???

At WriteMyMemoirs, we encourage you to craft your memoirs however you please—in English or in any language you like—and we believe that you have a valuable story to tell no matter how extensive your knowledge of English grammar. If you do want help with the language, however, please email us or watch the site for our editing services coming soon.