Every ordinary life story is extraordinary!

Every ordinary life story is extraordinary!

Emma Alfie

Write My Memoirs author Emma Alfie submitted these stories for you to enjoy.

These stories are original pieces by Emma Alfie and unedited. They may not be reproduced without permission from Emma Alfie.

© Emma Alfie 2019



Lawn Services Got My Wife’s Favorite Lawn Back into Shape

Lawn Services by Emma AlfiePartners of a couple have different priorities when it comes to their hobbies. My wife loves plants and spends a good deal of time in taking care of the lawns. When we bought our new house, she wanted it to have a front lawn and a backyard. I like to sit and enjoy beautiful evenings in a well-kept lawn. Mowing and taking care of a lawn is not my thing.

If it was left to my responsibility, I would have to depend on professional lawn maintenance services. Search Google for “lawn maintenance near me” and you are good to go.

My wife Catelyn has made a lovely garden out of the front yard. There are lilies, poppies, roses, and orchids. There are some trees and shrubs too. You get to enjoy a lovely evening there. Things got a little messy when she had to leave for a month. She works as a creative director at a company and she got a job consignment. She had to leave Florida for a whole month. In the last six years, this was the first time she had to leave the house for one whole month.

Besides all other responsibilities, I was left with beautiful and glorious gardens. She listed out all the things I had to take care of about the plants. It was a long list! It might not appear so long to a person who has a habit of garden-keeping but for me, it was too much of punctuality and hard work.

Days went by and I kept promising myself that I would work in the garden on the next day. The first weekend was quite occupied. For the hours I was free, I got too lazy for the work. I know this is very irresponsible of me and I should have hired lawn maintenance in Tampa FL at the beginning.

On the second weekend, I grabbed the rake and gloves and went into the garden. It was horrible. The plants were wilting. As it was spring, the grass was overgrown. I could even spot some weeds. It was a total mess. I realized the fact that I could not manage it on my own. I was unable to take care of a good lawn let alone a messy lawn.

I searched the internet for lawn services in Tampa FL. There were several listings. John Ideal Lawn and Landscapes was reviewed as a reliable service. I called at the provided number and discussed the condition of the lawns. The staff was quite supportive.

The workers arrived the next morning with the right tools. They raked away the leaves, picked up the weeds, watered the plants and cleaned it up. The team was quite dedicated to their work. Within a few hours, the lawn got much better. I owe a big thanks to the ideal lawn care. The next two weeks I watered the plants as instructed. When my wife came back, her favorite garden was in quite a good shape.


Painting the Gray Structured Homes

Painting by Emma Alfie

Soon after we bought our new home, we were ready to move in instantly. However, my wife advised against it and recommended that the home should feel like home first. Though it really felt like our home after we spent a lot of our savings to purchase it, but she was right. It was still a great structure and needed a lot of work to be done. The house was brand new so we were not worried about facing leftover issues of previous tenants. We were the first ones who were going to be living in that house, and that was a major factor why we bought it. The windows and doors were installed as well. However, it needed electricity installation as well as paint all over the house both from the inside and the outside.

The electrician was already working on contract so we did not have to worry about it. Therefore, we focused on the painting job and hired a Local House Painter. We had not picked the colors and shades for all rooms and we really needed a professional advice. The paint shades and colors confused me as actual paint is always a little different than the color chart you pick it from. That’s basically because the color charts are printed on a glossy paper whereas the walls are matte and so are the paints.

The painter suggested to stick with the matte colors and mix it with glossy shades on cabinets or doors. It sounded like a good idea but too much glossy appearance can irritate the eyes. Therefore, we decided to get a few of our furniture items painted with the glossy shades. Local painting contractors MA can be really helpful when it comes to picking shades. We discussed our furniture color for all the rooms, curtains, upholstery, crockery shades and everything that is colorful inside a house. After all the information was discussed, the painter suggested some interesting color combinations and contrasts for every room and it sounded really good.

We were hoping that the actual appearance of our home will be equally good as per our discussion with the local painting contractors. The shades and colors selected were a little too expensive for our budget but the paints selected are of high-quality. And we all know when it comes to high-quality, it means less maintenance costs and more durability. The painted walls were easier to clean and wipe as well.

For the exterior paint, we decided to stick with the royal white and gold appearance. It always feels classy and elegant. Moreover, you do not get bored of watching a white and gold house on a daily basis. Local painting companies are affordable and their services are incredible if you are lucky to find the right one. The painting job was complete within the decided timeline and we were happy that we could finally move in. The color combinations looked very good and the lights converted the appearance into a luxurious one.


Rekeying was, by then, My Thing; I realized.

Rekeying by Emma Alfie

After hours of travelling, her flight landed at the airport. She was extremely tired but still was carrying the things. She took a cab service from round about and tried to make it to the destination as soon as possible. Despite the fact that she was going to appear for the business meeting along with her other crew members and colleagues who had arrive earlier, she was experiencing the passive nature. May be she was tired a lot. She reached the destination after sometime and there started her story. She searched her shoulder bad to take the keys out but in vain. There was no key despite she went through entire luggage. As she was tired and time was passing. She had to appear very next day. It was compulsory for her to take rest before. But the odds were on her side that day. Finally she decided to hire the nearby professional service to Rekey House Locks in GA to get into the house as soon as possible. Luckily, the service reached timely and she was finally into the house. She looked a bit satisfied from hiring that service.

Time passed and her day went well she was there for. Unfortunately, after certain period of time she faced the similar problem when she ha do hire another professional service to Rekey House Locks in Macon, GA. After two tragic occasions, she seemed perfectly determined that it won’t happen again. That wasn’t due to her negligent behavior, all this was happening because she was carrying a lot at her plate. So many things were there on her disposal to be dealt with. She was carrying all her official responsibilities efficiently.

“How’s your job going on?” it was the voice of her mother calling her to inquire about her health and work. “What’s happening around you? It’s so noisy” asked her mother in curious tone to which she replied, “Mom, there are professionals working to Rekey House Locks in Redan GA.” Her mother answered with a phrase in way as she was doing this for e very long time, “So once again.” She laughed at the answer of her mother. Her mother looked a bit curious about the way she was dealing with things apart from her office life. “As I remember, you were to Rekey House locks in Marietta, GA, on your last business tour” said her mother in taunting manner. She was amusing to hear the gossip of her mother and the very thing she had just said. She seemed a bit quiet for the moment as if she was trying to remember something. After momentous pause, she resumed the conversation and asked her mother whether she had forgotten about her very last tragedy? Her mother seemed a bit confused on her query and suddenly she said to her mother to which both gave a big laugh together, “No Mom, it wasn’t in Marietta, I got to Rekey Home keys in Roswell, GA.”


Every Thinking Somewhere Touches the Roof. Make it Inspiring

Roof is the most important part of a room, hall or tv lounge. The difference between Room and Roof is only of an “F” and “M” and that is very “F” stands for the fortification. Since a roof should be strong and fortified to make your room more maculate.

Where roof is subjected to strength and durability there it should be classy in a stylish way. There are some reasons upon people should choose those companies who have both experiences. What Both? Style & Stability. Many of the Commercial roofing contractors Vinings GA have multi choices for roofing but yet some of them are reliable. You can go around the city to explore contractors with qualified staffers who definitely have ample experience in people serving. Though in a situation like this, people often go indecisive with opting an ideal contractor. You should be knowing of how to pick the best one in the realm. That will be a great deal for your budget as well.

As of my personal suggestion is concerned, I always love to have wide roof with strong foamy tiles on it. I do like this for I enjoy strolling on roof especially on foggy moony night. Winter here in my area lasts longer than summer. We were planning to shift to our new house soon. But it was under construction then. We were supposed to be shifting our new house by the end of October but were impeding due to finalization of roof choice and paints etc. Although it was May yet 5 months to go.

My father was laying emphasis on deciding the roof selection so that he could order it to one of Commercial roofing contractors. Dad was nagging me and mom to do it at the earliest. One of my father’s friends Uncle Bob came meanwhile. After being mindfully aware of the topic, he chimed in the due course of conversation. He suggested us to have spray foam roof for our house.

As my choice wasn’t different than uncle Bob’s but it’s daddy who had to be convinced. And his convincement was not that any easy. A huge streak of arguments we had to made. I persuaded daddy as the foam spray is odorless and cost-effective. Dad said, he is nothing to do with cost. So, more arguments we had to ponder on.

Uncle Bob rose that the foam spray roofs are lightweight and easy to install. They can even be relocated with shingles. Leakage claim is far less for this roofing installation. Majority of Commercial roofers in Vinings GA recommends this roof for family houses and medium level corporate buildings. It doesn’t leak even if a pond of water accumulated on it.

“It has many other advantages such as thermal resistance and low electric shock possibility. They are more earthquake resistant than any other in the market and have an elegant smoothness upside to amble on.”, I added.

We discussed some other kinds of roofing installation for instance Single Ply Membrane, Metal Roof and Shingle slates roofs are out in the market.



My Story of Getting New Remote Shades for My Home!


Hello peeps, how’re you doing today? The day is too cold to go out. So I decided to put my lazy ass back in blanket and rest at home.  I don’t know what’s wrong with my brain. M feeling happy!!! O yeah, m happy can you hear that?

Today we will just talk about good things. About flowers and roses. About mountains and hills and about all the good things that happened to us in 2019.  Well, keeping things align! Let’s talk about the interior of our homes.  What kind of interior is your favorite?

Have nothing in your home that you don’t know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.”

—William Morris_

We spend a lot of time at home. Especially, for introverts like my home is not less than a heaven.  Being at home, wrapping a blanket around and writing stories is one of my favorite hobbies. Coffee is complimentary of course. And sometimes, just need a good book, rainy weather some snacks and calming loneliness. I am my favorite. As Taylor Swift said,

“M the only one in me, baby that’s the fun in me”

Coming back to the actual point. Okay, guys, I have been thinking of renovation my home for the last two months. But for a person like me who spends a lot of books is nearly impossible to save some money to invest in the home. So, m loving my dull grimy home. But not that much!

Rest of the things were bearable but the curtains of my home had become like shades of a haunted home that even scares me at times.

So I decided to change my curtains just to give a kick start to the whole renovation process of my home. Well thank God, my lazy ass gathered the courage to do that.

Actually, this time I don’t wanted to hang the same kind of them with something more convenient and beautiful.

I searched on the internet. And you know what I found out the best one for me which is Remote Shades in Costa Mesa.  Yes, remote blinds were my choice. Hello, all lazy people out there you just have to agree with me.

So I searched on the internet for the best blind suppliers near me.  Finally, I found a reliable one. I visited their site and contacted them through the phone number given there.  O yeah, forgot to tell you the name of the company guys its “Smart Shading Systems”.

Believe me, they have the best collection of remote shades.  I chose wooden horizontal shades. Their team came to take measures one day and the next day they were ready to install the new shades. Finally, I replaced my old curtains. And the new ones are extremely superb!  M just loving the interior of my home. I have just replaced the curtains and it feels like the whole home has been refreshed. It’s amazing.

Guys if you want to replace your curtains as well. Then you can definitely count on “Smart Shading Systems” highly recommended!



Then just set up a chapter and start writing your memoir. Don’t worry about rules. There are no rules to writing your memoir; there are only trends. These trends are based on techniques and features identified in current top-selling memoirs. At best, they’re the flavor of the month. If you’re capturing your life in print for your family, for your own gratification or to inspire readers, rather than aiming to set off Hollywood screenplay bidding wars, these trends don’t even apply to you. You’ll write the memoir that suits you best, and it will be timeless, not trend-driven.There are no rules, but there are four steps:

1. Theme/framework
2. Writing
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4. Self-publishing

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