Victor Francis

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My name is Victor Francis. I am a Nigerian from Abuja on the second largest continent, Africa. I am a 300 level student in the department of Medicine and Surgery (MedSurg) at the University of Uyo (Uniuyo) in the capital city of Akwa Ibom state, located in the eastern part of Nigeria.

Because of my love for humanity, I have established the Francis Medical Foundation as a means of reaching out to the sick, the needy and the oppressed. This foundation aims to help people in our society become free of health hazards, sickness and poverty. It is unarguable that without good health, wealth is nothing. In fact, I believe that health is wealth. I do not want people to be afflicted with health issues. An atmosphere of good health and the eradication of poverty will return smiles to the faces of millions of people in the world.

The journey of a thousand miles starts with one step. That is why I launched the Francis Medical Foundation – to make sure that these goals are achieved. Francis Foundation is like an umbrella covering people from different cultures, races and ethnic groups; it is like a family that knows no prejudice.

We treat all sorts of sickness and diseases for free. We also provide needy patients with some food and financial support. We support children who have lost their parents by paying their school fees and issue scholarships as much as we are able. However, our hands can reach only so far, and we need more sponsors and supporters.

We have the backup of UNICEF, Human Right Organisations, WHO and the Warefare. Our team members are at all times ready to render any service. They are humanitarian, friendly, cooperative, caring and well-trained.

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