Avoid Regrets: Write While You’re Healthy

Mary Schmich, a columnist for my hometown newspaper, the Chicago Tribune, frequently writes about personal topics, and this past Sunday Mary wrote about her aging mother. Although she no longer can care for herself, Mary’s mother has taken up writing. Mary tells readers: “For a while now, she has been scribbling notes on every kind of paper. Big sheets, little sheets, lined, unlined, white, yellow, blue.??? She has the use of only one hand, which “opens just enough to let a pen slip between her fingers.??? Among the many things the older woman writes are stories from her childhood. At this stage of her life, Mary’s mother feels the need to write her memoirs.

My plea to you is not to wait that long. You have the advantage of knowing how to use a computer, and you probably have the use of both of your hands. Mary found her mother’s legal pad with the heading, “Topics to Write About.??? You don’t need a legal pad; you can keep your topics online here at WriteMyMemoirs. You won’t lose them or forget the topics you wanted to include.

But if you wait too long, like Mary’s mom, all you will have is the topic titles and not the life stories that go with them. You’re here to write your memoirs. Set up a schedule and get them done, because time goes so very quickly.