Can You Find a Publisher for Your Memoirs?

The quick answer to that question is: Yes! But let me quickly add that the publisher you find to publish your memoirs may be right in the mirror. Today, it’s a steep uphill climb for a previously unpublished author to get any type of book published—fiction or nonfiction—in the traditional manner. It’s tough to find an agent who will represent you and, even if you do, the odds are still stacked against receiving a contract offer from a publishing house.

But the flip side about today is that authors do not have to go the traditional route in order to sell a book. Self-publishing is now accepted as a valid way to get your book out there. Without a publisher doing the distribution, you will have to contact bookstores yourself or set up a website to sell your book on your own and, with limited distribution, chances are that your book will not land on an best-seller list (although you never know). But you also will not have to share the profits. In traditional publishing, the author’s cut typically falls below 10 percent of the sale price!

You might want to read David Louis Edelman’s account of his difficulty in finding a publisher for what eventually became his best-selling science fiction novel—and Edelman already was a professional writer with much published nonfiction. Next time, I’ll tell you about Amazon’s tempting offer to self-published authors. Meanwhile, if you want help publishing your memoirs, please contact us.