Cautionary Tale Reminds Everyone to “Sign Up Today!??? for WriteMyMemoirs

Here at WriteMyMemoirs (WMM), we received a frustrating email recently from someone who could not find any record of memoirs that she had written. Two weeks earlier she had replaced her computer with a newer model. Her work had been saved to that computer’s hard drive, and now she had no access to it. She believed that she also had kept her story on some website or other. Her hope was that the website she’d joined was WMM, although trying to sign in was proving futile.

Our internal investigation showed that she never did sign up with us or write her story here. Perhaps her memoirs are floating out in cyberspace somewhere; who knows? We named our site Write My Memoirs for a reason: it’s easy to remember. Put even just “write memoirs??? into the Google search engine, and our site comes up on the first page. Clearly, the way this emailer found us now to write to us was that the site is so readily traceable and available.

Membership on WMM is free, writing your life story here is free and saving it to your account to keep it safe is also free. We know how much time, energy and commitment it takes to write every page of a memoir, and sometimes you cannot recreate what you have researched and written. We feel so bad for our emailer and urge you to please sign up today so that you do not repeat her mistake and lose your memoirs!