Check Out Our New Video!

I hope you’re enjoying the fresh, modern look of the Write My Memoirs website, the updated Timeline feature and the ease of adding and managing your book’s chapters. Along with our relaunch we created a little video to motivate anyone who’s ever wanted to write a memoir to take the first step and join Write My Memoirs.

The idea behind the video is the same as the concept of the website: that every life is unique and worth documenting. Everyone has had experiences that will resonate with readers, but no one has lived your exact life except you. Most people have friends and family members who will appreciate a written account of your life. Some people write a memoir that shares a story of hardship or abuse, often as a cautionary tale for others. What memoir authors all have in common is that it helps them to write out their point of view of their own life.

The video takes that into consideration—that both happy times and sad times enter our lives. Reliving experiences can be nostalgic or cathartic. Keep those memories close and read your book often, or write your book as a way to let go and move on. We hope you enjoy the video: