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The examples roll out to tell a story and make learning grammar fun!

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Course Overview:
This course lets you go at your own pace as you progress through eight lessons plus a FREE Introductory Lesson. Each of the first seven lessons tackles a specific area of grammar; the final lesson focuses on writing tips. Instructor Rosanne Ullman narrates the entire course to help you understand and retain the material.

The Write My Memoirs Grammar and Writing Course doubles as a workshop—each lesson includes at least one opportunity to practice the principles covered in that segment. Designed for native English speakers, the course also holds value for non-native speakers who have a solid grasp of the English language. While this course does not take the place of a comprehensive study of grammar, it clearly presents concepts that challenge everyday writers and speakers. Write My Memoirs owner and professional writer/editor Rosanne Ullman, who holds a Master’s Degree in Journalism from Northwestern University, adapted the educational content from a course she developed and taught for 20 years as part of a community-based adult education program in suburban Chicago.

Each lesson includes PDFs of the Learn, Practice, and Answer components so that participants can download the materials and reference them offline. However, downloading is not necessary for successful completion of the course. You can go through the videos, pause the video when it’s time to do a Practice exercise, and then continue on with the video to see the Answer key and finish the lesson. The lessons vary in running time from 11 minutes to 36 minutes, but you should leave additional time to complete the PRACTICE exercises. As a bonus, at the end of Lesson 8 you’ll have an opportunity to send us your final Practice session as a sample paragraph of your original writing, which we’ll return after we critique and edit it.

“I found it to be very helpful in brushing up on my grammar skills.”

“I really learned a lot and took notes of certain lessons.  I’m glad I took this course, and I’m sure I will refer to the pdfs in the future.”

Lesson 1: Apostrophes
The apostrophe is a little mark with a big impact! By studying apostrophes, you’ll learn all about contractions and possessives, which will improve your writing in general.

Lesson 2: Commas 
The poor comma, so widely misunderstood, is happy you’re taking this lesson! A little attention to clauses and phrases will have you inserting commas where they belong.

Lesson 3: More Punctuation
You’re not the only one who isn’t sure how to use colons, semicolons, parentheses, em dashes and the rest of those little marks. After this lesson, you’ll be an expert.

Lesson 4: Agreement
How can you tell whether a verb or pronoun should be singular or plural? To many people, this is a mystery! This lesson guides you in making sure the various parts of speech in your sentences agree with each other.

Lesson 5: Pronouns
If you cringe when you hear someone say “him and I,” you’ll love this focus on pronouns. And if you’re the one saying “him and I,” prepare to immerse yourself in an important aspect of English grammar.

Lesson 6: Verbs
Mastering verbs, verb tenses and verb modifiers will not only help you stay grammatically correct but also improve your writing significantly. This lesson will give you confidence to use strong verbs and edge you closer to the writer you want to be!

Lesson 7: Word Mixups
Want to nail down the difference between “lie” and “lay”? Get confused about “complimentary” and “complementary”? After this lesson, you’ll be the one who helps other people keep it straight!

Lesson 8: Write!
Now that you have your grammar tools, it’s time to use them! But before you take them out for a spin, check out this lesson, which reveals the secrets that good writers know about how to write compelling copy in your own, original voice.