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Everything looks new at Write My Memoirs, because everything is new! We have a new look and many new features. If you’re already a member, your work is still safe where you left it. Just follow the sign-in instructions, and you will find your account. If you’re just joining now, welcome! We hope your experience is rewarding as you set out to write and perhaps publish your memoir. We will help you along the way! From now on, we will be updating the Write My Memoirs blog regularly. Meanwhile, feel free to poke around at previous posts, where we’ve discussed many aspects of writing an autobiography.

Each life is unique; each life story is valuable and, typically, quite entertaining. You can gather up everything you’ve been posting on social media and cobble together a pretty compelling narrative. So tell us: when are you planning to write your autobiography? At Write My Memoirs, we can help you get started, avoid writer’s block in the middle of the process and publish your work when you’ve completed your book. We want to help—leave us a comment!