Future Memoir Authors, You’re Experiencing a Historical Moment, so Take Notes!

For most of us alive today, the global response to Covid-19 is something we’ve never seen before. Some older people may remember living through the fear of dying from earlier pandemics, the Great Depression’s crashing stock market, supply shortages that took place during World War II or perhaps a quarantine. But no one has lived through it all at once. This combination of fear of the illness, the mandated closing of public businesses, a “time out” for sports, general “social distancing” and extreme stock market volatility is not life as usual by any means.

Capture today’s history in text and images

If you’re healthy and stuck at home, what should you be doing? Taking notes. If you think you may ever want to write a memoir, these weeks very likely will fill up a page or a chapter. This is not normal life, and what comes next—whatever that turns out to be—may also be unprecedented. Although we’re all experiencing it together, your corner of the world is still unique. Take photos of your grocery store shelves. Drive around your town and notice how people are coping. Are they taking a solo walk or bike ride? Do you see people carrying files or a computer into their house to work from home? Are others just driving around the way you are in order to get out of the house?

This episode may be just a blip in your life and have no relevance to your memoir focus. But you never know, and you can’t recapture what’s happening today. Snap photos so that you own the images. Keep a diary so you don’t have to trust your memory. Stay aware of small things that you wouldn’t otherwise notice. And mostly, stay well! At Write My Memoirs, we want all of our memoir authors healthy and writing.