The Examined Life: Worth Living

Welcome to the new WriteMyMemoirs blog. As a member of the WriteMyMemoirs family, you’ve made the decision to channel your life’s memories into a written product—perhaps just for your own satisfaction but, more likely, to have your voice reach the generations that follow. Of course, making that decision is only a first step. Will you stay on task as you recount each chapter of your life? It’s easy to lose focus or get preoccupied with other interests and obligations.

Here on the blog, you can always stop by for motivation. Share a thought or ask a question. I’ll try to address the topics you want to discuss, and as others join in we’ll become a community.

I can’t say I’ve ever written my own memoirs. Maybe someday! But I have written a lot of other pieces and also teach grammar and writing to adults. I’ll try to help you navigate this effort, and don’t be surprised if I use the blog to talk about my favorite (or least favorite!) grammar pitfalls. I applaud your determination to undertake what I hope will be an extremely rewarding process for you, resulting in a valuable source of information and inspiration for your readers.