New Features on WriteMyMemoirs

We hope you’ve been enjoying the additions to our website. We’ve tried to come up with ways to keep you writing if you get stuck.

You probably have noticed the button, “Don’t know what to write about?” If you click on that, you’ll pull up hints about topics that you might want to include in your memoir. For example, one hint is: “Did you volunteer for charities or other organizations? Did you enjoy that?” That might trigger your memory about being a room mother for your child at school, a coach for your kid’s basketball team or a candy striper when you were younger. Remembering those experiences can lead to interesting anecdotes, so we hope a reminder like that helps to move your life story forward.

Each hint also includes the question, “Was this helpful to you?” You can opt out of answering this, of course, but if you do click on either “yes” or “no” your response becomes part of our database that automatically brings up that particular hint either more frequently or less frequently, depending on whether people have found it helpful.

Through these hints and a few other features we’ll explain in future blogs, we aim to make your experience on WriteMyMemoirs unique. We value all of our members and, when you sign up with us, your goal becomes our goal: we want each of our members to complete a full memoir. Good luck writing!