Seize the Memoir-Writing Day!

I noticed an ad in the obituary section of my local Chicago Tribune that said something along the lines of: “Every life story deserves to be told. Send in yours about your loved one.” This notice made me sad. While it might make you smile to think of your spouse, child or grandchild honoring you after your death by taking out an ad in a newspaper to publish a few paragraphs about your life, it’s nothing compared to a whole book that you write about your life in your own voice! In your autobiography, written well before your death, you take control of how your life is remembered.

It’s not unusual for a book we publish at Write My Memoirs to contain observations that come as a complete surprise to the author’s friends and family. Often, people don’t talk much about their childhood, wartime military service, traumatic events or some other aspect of their lives. The process of writing a memoir brings out those buried memories and the feelings the person experienced at the time. Also, details regarding names, dates and places are known only to the author. If that information isn’t written down, it often is lost once the person is no longer alive to report it.

Writing a biography of someone else is a rewarding task, too, but even that is much easier while the person is still alive to answer questions. If you’re thinking of writing about your own life or someone else’s, there’s no time like the present!