Take Your Memoirs on the Road

If you travel, that week away from the computer can wreak havoc with your memoir writing momentum. Perhaps you sit down to write at the same time each day, or you find that you write best when you’re in your own environment. Put you in a hotel room with a schedule of sightseeing, or in the guest room of your daughter’s home with grandchildren to entertain you, and the memoir writing goes right out the window. When you do return home, you may find that you’re out of the habit. This can be so disrupting that you may not return to writing your autobiography.

It doesn’t have to be that way. The best way to ensure that you don’t derail your efforts is to take a laptop with you when you travel. I’m not here to promote any particular technology, but I will say that since I bought a 10-inch, 2.8-pound laptop that fits into a large purse, I can easily transport my Word files as well as my wi-fi internet compatibility wherever I go. It makes the decision of whether to take work with me an easy one.

Traveling can actually inspire your memoir writing. Sometimes when you’re away from home, you can more intensely tap into your creativity. Or if you’re visiting your old hometown or other familiar spot, you may remember things that happened that you’d otherwise overlook. So the next trip you take, don’t leave your memoirs at home!