What If You Want to Write a Non-Memoir?

Sometimes people ask me if it’s okay to use their WriteMyMemoirs account to write something other than a memoir. They may have in mind a short story, novel, essay, poem, biography of someone else, political commentary, history or random non-fiction book. So is it okay? Yes, it’s fine!

Our helpful hints on this site mostly address the particulars of recalling one’s life story, but some involve writing in general. For example, we mention some good habits to form in order to stay motivated to reach your writing goal. These apply to all types of writing. You want to be able to stick with a piece and see it through to the end.

You also can begin your work here by journaling—recording events that strike you in some way. I refer to a journal as a “diary for grownups.??? Having it online means you can write from wherever you are and keep it all in one place. As a collection, your journal entries may even become chapters in a type of memoir, perhaps focusing more on the current segment of your life than on tracing your entire life’s span. So please feel free to keep your writing safe here in our little writers’ haven, memoir or not. No matter what type of writing you’re doing, we’re happy to have you!