Writing Services

  • Stay on task as  you write and, as you go along or when you’re finished, let us give your book a professional polish! Our experienced editors will:

    • Motivate you and keep you accountable to your goals.
    • Correct faulty grammar and punctuation.
    • Fix sentence structure problems.
    • Improve any confusing organization.
    • Alert you to inconsistencies.

    Fee: $12/page.

    We define a page as 400 words in the original, unedited version. You first pay a $300 deposit to cover the first 25 pages, and you will owe the balance in installments at a maximum of every 50 edited pages (20,000 words). You will see the work before each installment.

  • Become the subject of a professionally written comprehensive review of your life! We will interview you and compile the information and your own photos to write and design a magazine-style story about you.

    This is delivered digitally as a pdf. Click here to see a sample.

    Up to 5 pages: $400
    6-10 pages: $700

  • We’ll interview you on the phone or through video chat and write your life story for you.

    Price: Your cost depends on the number of post-edited, publishable pages. We define a publishable page as 400 words.

    Up to 50 pages: $6,000
    51-100 pages: $11,000
    101-150 pages: $15,000
    151-200 pages: $18,000