Your Autobiography Reflects Your Generation

I was reading an article about the aging of Generation X, which got me thinking about how our generation shapes our lives. I don’t mean only the time frame into which we were born. Obviously your life will be influenced by a war as you’re coming of age, a recession that costs you a job, a sociological revolution that adjusts your options in society or a technological boom that changes your professional direction. But the people you grow up alongside also have an impact. Your memoirs are bound to reveal that.

If you’re part of what’s referred to as the “greatest generation,??? which lived through both world wars, your contemporaries have a sense of sacrifice and accomplishment. If, like me, you’re a Baby Boomer, you never feel alone. It’s such a huge and self-analyzing generation that everywhere we turn we have someone to whom we can relate, someone who will commiserate or celebrate with us. It provides a collective consciousness that we love to share with each other.

But if you are part of GenX, you might want to check out that article since it makes it sound as if, unlike the Boomers’ case, very little is written about you. You’re alienated and you feel displaced. That’s a great way to frame your memoirs—and motivation for writing them! At least your own life story will be recorded!