Your “Extraordinary” Life

Write My Memoirs has undergone another remodel to help you fulfill your memoir-writing aspirations. We’ve redesigned the timeline, a key feature that reminds you of important events in your life as you’re writing. We’ve simplified the options for our writing and publishing services that give your memoir a professional touch if you choose.

Our new tagline—“Every ordinary life is extraordinary”—expresses how we approach the goal of writing an autobiography. No one was born into your life except you, with challenges and decisions that are yours alone. We’ve edited and published enough memoirs from “ordinary” people to know that each life is unique, and all experiences are rich with history and life lessons. Although the documentation of your life is especially interesting to your children and grandchildren, people in your community and beyond also benefit from a written account of what life was like for you in the 20th and 21st centuries.

If you think you may want to become an author as a profession, a memoir is a good place to start. “The memoir continues to be a popular genre in publishing, one that many authors choose as their first foray into writing a full-length book,” according to But for many of the people who sign up here at Write My Memoirs, their life story is the only book they intend to write. That’s what we love the most—helping you to publish the story of your life not because you’re a writer, but because you’re YOU. We believe that every person’s journey makes a great book.