You’re the Star of the Article!

Our Magazine-style Bio, the latest addition to our Writing Services, is very cool! This service offers a professionally written, magazine-style article about your life or any aspect of your life you choose as the focus. We can use information and stories you’ve already written up, supplemented by a phone or video-phone interview and any photos you want to include. If you have nothing in writing, we’ll craft the entire article from the phone interview.

The idea is to give you a focus piece that you can use according to your needs:

  • Include the link on your résumé to broaden potential employers’ view of your attributes.
  • Send it to your local news organizations, and they just might print it!
  • Post the link as part of a dating profile.
  • Print it out, frame each page and hang the framed pages on your office or home office wall.
  • Print out copies to place in binders and hand out to friends just for fun.
  • Incorporate the professionally written paragraphs into your own memoir.

The Magazine-style Bio is one of the many changes introduced with the Fall 2018 Write My Memoirs Relaunch. Find it by clicking on the Writing Services button at the top of the home page. You can be the next magazine profile star!