Your Memoir Resolution for the New Year

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Every year around this time, Write My Memoirs lights up with a rush of new members. I always love seeing that.

Of course, it’s not difficult to figure out what’s going on. In the first few days of the new year, people are signing up because their New Year’s resolution is to finally, finally write that memoir they’ve been promising themselves. It’s a great resolution! If you’ve made it, we are here to help you fulfill the goal.

How will you make sure you won’t let yourself off the hook and abandon this resolution? Polls show that many resolutions have gone by the wayside by as soon as February and more by halfway through the year. Your resolution to write a memoir does not have to be one of those statistics.

It’s that “one bite at a time” approach that will probably work best for you. Write up one story. Your chapter doesn’t need to have a name; in fact, you don’t even need to assign the story to a chapter yet. Write up the easiest story in your life. Then you will have that written!

The next step will feel easier – just another story from your life, or you can go chronologically and write up whatever happened after the story you just wrote. You can wait until the next day or the day after, but don’t wait a full week. Make writing your memoir part of your routine at least 3 days a week.

You can keep yourself accountable by sharing your goals or your writing on our Write My Memoirs Facebook page. We would love to hear how your memoir is coming along.

New Look, New Grammar Course!

Info on Write My Memoirs Grammar and Writing Course

You may have noticed that our home page has been updated not only in graphic design but also in featuring our brand new Write My Memoirs Grammar and Writing Course. This digital, eight-lesson course offers a free Intro Lesson you can take to get a foundation in parts of speech and parts of a sentence. It starts out with a tongue-in-cheek “What Not To Do” letter from me to you that demonstrates a lot of very bad grammar.

If that’s your kind of fun, you will enjoy the whole course! We examine some grammar errors in classic rock lyrics, too. Most of the examples throughout the course model memoir elements, since they describe my own life. As I crafted these examples, I had fun remembering events from my childhood, which I’m lucky to say was a happy one.

I based the principles and practice exercises presented in the course on an in-person, classroom course I taught for 20 years to adults in a continuing education program. Whether you’re writing a memoir or you need to write for work or school, I feel sure you’ll get your money’s worth with this $39 course!

A Teen’s Halloween Memoir Captures the Holiday’s Images

Write My Memoirs Halloween memoir

A few years ago, an anonymous memoir author recalled the quintessential Halloween and posted those memories on Write My Memoirs is happy to share this, titled “Halloween Memoir,” with our community:

In the middle of a numbing January freeze, or a deafening August heat, there will be an odd lingering sensation scratching for attention that can only be calmed by a world of pure discord. A feeling that is annually relieved by the pure bliss of hearing a tune about a man working in his lab late one night, by the aroma of pumpkin pie and glee in the air, mixed in with the smell of wet leaves from the downpour of excitement, and by the sight of children giddily gliding through the streets in sparkling and vivacious outfits as their eyes light up the engulfing night.

Bubbling cauldrons are at every door, seeping down doorsteps and into the minds of all who wander. There are doorbells that yelp at the sight of children singing happily of treats. Spells are cast in every which way and there is the distinct sound of despicable laughter ringing in the blinding moonlight. With the arrival of a glistening full moon there come werewolves howling for human flesh and yellow eyes that flicker all around you, as they begin to circle you. Frantic screams echo through the night and the wicked laughs of murderous clowns come from all around, for they are joyful in knowing that they are finally freed from the lethargic thought of serenity.

Of course, there are chocolates and candies downing throats at every given second. The delicious flavors battling to please candy-obsessed taste buds. Trapped within each and every wall are ghouls wailing, waiting to be freed. Then, there’s the pumpkin picking. The quest for the most perfectly plump, sensationally orange pumpkin in all of creation. The smell dances around in every nook and cranny, frolicking with jubilance to have finally been released to the world.

All of the smells lure children from the warm homes into the chills of an October eve with an enchanting autumn high. The satisfaction of knowing you have the best jack-o-lantern in town as you set him down to witness the complete and utter chaos that will be turning the corner at any given moment. Pumpkin fragrances ooze through the streets once again and rush and play and swing in every place they can possibly slither into. The squirmy guts and sinewy insides are transformed into brains as zombies come out, hungry, oh so hungry for the meaty, squishy taste they can’t resist.

The heavily anticipated darkness finally twirls the Earth into its beautiful black cloak with a menacing grin. The world is able to escape all the bad and all the good as the true meaning of being alive lightens the minds of all. No longer existing, no longer being, but living. Living for the candy and living for the frenzy that comes only at this special, haunting hour. Bags heavy with what only the heavens could supply, but nothing could stop the unraveling path of fate. Candy fills round tummies for ages, and the aches and hunger seem to last forever.

Arriving home and finally sitting down, but instead greeted with a flabbergasting fall into bed, perpetually falling into a bottomless rabbit hole of despair, for it is now well known that the night is over. Eyes are finally pried open the next morning and the vivid sensations of the prior eve circle around, reminding all that the night must be awaited for an agonizingly long period of time. Every glimpse of candy, the faint sound of a howl, or a terrified shriek, a mocking reminder of the thrill we long for. Now we await patiently, patiently anticipating the reveal of all evil and abnormalities within, as we free the caged monster that has been abstracted by the foolish term that goes by the name of “normalcy,” the caged monster that is crawling within us all.

New Feature: Post Your Writing at Write My Memoirs!

Our Write My Memoirs community and services are growing!

While we provide publishing services to help you publish your book, we’re hearing from some authors who do not want “paper publishing” but would prefer to share their work by displaying it online. Some people want to share with the public, and some want a link to send just to friends, family or other selected people.

In response, we have created a new section on Write My Memoirs that gives you, the author, your own publishing page! See an example here of an author who would love for you to read her stories. As you can see, we place the copyright symbol with your name at the top of the page to protect the work.

Let us know that you would like to post your work, and we’ll create a page for you. You can use our Contact Us form or write us directly at:

Our tech department is working on a way for you to upload your work, but for right now you can just email the work to the “support” address, and we’ll get it online within a day or two. Then we’ll supply you with a link to share. Feel free to include images.

This is a good way to get feedback little by little as you write each chapter. You can learn how people are reacting to your writing and continuously polish it as you work to complete your book. And if you’d like, at our very reasonable prices we’ll supply a quick edit before you display your work.

Join Us for Mentoring and Support in a Facebook Group!

The Write My Memoirs community is growing, with a new page for authors to share work and discuss the writing process. Whether you’re writing a memoir or crafting a different type of book—fiction or nonfiction—you are welcome at the Write My Memoirs Group page. I will personally help you with writing, grammar, motivation and validation.

The more authors I meet, the more I’m convinced that a group setting is beneficial. We all get so deeply into our heads as we write alone at our computer hour after hour. Facebook groups of all sorts bring together people who are dealing with a common situation. It’s so helpful, whether the members share a medical diagnosis, profession, hobby, family situation, lifestyle choice—the list is long. In our case, we’ll all be writers comparing notes—literally!

I will coach you both as a group and individually. You also will mentor each other. Sound fun? It will be. Hope to see you there. Just ask to join, and I’ll admit you! Here’s the link again:
Write My Memoirs Facebook Group

Join our “Memoirs Live” Online Memoir Writing Group – for FREE!

We’re excited to announce our new Write My Memoirs Support Group! It’s a virtual audio/video meet-up that you can join from your computer or your phone. Let’s do some Q&A.

When does this start?
We’re aiming for the end of June 2019.

How often will the group meet?
We’ll hold two 1-hour meetings a week. One will be scheduled on a weekday in the daytime, and the second one will be on a weeknight in the evening or possibly on the weekend (all U.S. time zones, but all countries are welcome to participate).

How many participants will there be?
We’ll keep it small, capping it at 15 participants for any session. But these are opt-in meetings; some people may want to join only once a week or even once a month. So each meeting may have just a handful of people. We’ll have to see how that goes.

What will we do at the meetings?
We’re there to offer each other support in writing our memoirs. Some of the discussion will focus on motivation. I will facilitate these meetings. I’m a professional writer and writing coach and an expert in grammar, so I can answer questions or give a quickie lesson if appropriate. Participants who want critiques can read passages or perhaps submit a passage beforehand that I can share by email with the group to save the reading time at the session.

Do I have to download an app to participate?
No! We’re going to use a brand new platform, Spoka Meet, that emails you a link. Just click on the link and you’re in the meeting.

What’s the technology like?
We’re really excited that through Spoka Meet we’re able to bring you a high-quality experience. It will feel as if we’re all in a room together, with our faces lined up at the bottom and sharing a whiteboard as the main focus. You can choose to turn the video on or off. You can just type out chat if you prefer not to speak. So you could even do this on a public computer in a library, listen in on your phone in the car—lots of options.

You said it’s free?
This first offer is FREE! Get in all summer for lifetime free membership. If this helps people, in the fall we’ll begin offering it as a fee-based service, but the cost will always be very low.

How do I join?
Let me know you’re interested by emailing me at: and I will stay in touch until we have the exact dates nailed down. Then you’ll receive the email link to enter the conversation.

Hope to see you at Memoirs Live!

Get Social With Write My Memoirs!

Write My Memoirs is popping up all over social media. Find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @writemymemoirs! In addition to the Write My Memoirs page on Facebook, there’s the brand new Write My Memoirs Group. Let’s get together in this group to share our hopes and dreams, challenges and frustrations, laughter and tears—everything that’s part of the deal when you’re writing a memoir or, really, any book.

I’ll be among the people you can find hanging out in the Write My Memoirs Group. I’ve been a professional journalist for 40+ years, I taught grammar and writing for 20 years and I’m also an admin on Facebook’s Grammar Matters. You can find more of my interests by following Rosanne Ullman on Pinterest, where I’m just starting to build boards.

In the Write My Memoirs Group on Facebook, I’ll be happy to answer your grammar questions, coach you on your writing and motivate you to finish your memoir. Let’s do all of that for each other! I invite English language experts to help me inspire all authors, including those whose first language is not English. Is your New Year’s resolution to start—or finish—your memoir? The question of resolutions was brought up today in the Write My Memoirs Group, so please join and share! Get others’ feedback by posting brief excerpts or full chapters from your writing, and turn around to do the same for them. I can’t wait to see what you’re working on!


Check Out Our New Video!

I hope you’re enjoying the fresh, modern look of the Write My Memoirs website, the updated Timeline feature and the ease of adding and managing your book’s chapters. Along with our relaunch we created a little video to motivate anyone who’s ever wanted to write a memoir to take the first step and join Write My Memoirs.

The idea behind the video is the same as the concept of the website: that every life is unique and worth documenting. Everyone has had experiences that will resonate with readers, but no one has lived your exact life except you. Most people have friends and family members who will appreciate a written account of your life. Some people write a memoir that shares a story of hardship or abuse, often as a cautionary tale for others. What memoir authors all have in common is that it helps them to write out their point of view of their own life.

The video takes that into consideration—that both happy times and sad times enter our lives. Reliving experiences can be nostalgic or cathartic. Keep those memories close and read your book often, or write your book as a way to let go and move on. We hope you enjoy the video:

A New Children’s Book Broadens the Write My Memoirs Portfolio

The Publishing Services available at Write My Memoirs were designed to make it easy for Write My Memoirs authors to bring their vision to life in a book. We value our role in making this happen for our authors, and we take a lot of care with the layout of the text and photographs. But we all should get out of our comfort zone now and then, right?

Our latest published book is not a memoir at all, but a story for preschool children. Titled The Case of the Disappearing Kisses, the book is written by Write My Memoirs owner Rosanne Ullman. It’s available for purchase right on the website. Preorders are being accepted now for delivery before Christmas.

If you would like to self-publish a book you have written, please consider using the Publishing Services available with Write My Memoirs. Your book does not have to be a memoir; we publish all reading categories. Our publishing rates are competitive, and we work closely with you to make sure you are happy with the product. Meanwhile, please check out this sweet children’s book! It makes a great gift for any family with small children.

The Case of the Disappearing Kisses

You’re the Star of the Article!

Our Magazine-style Bio, the latest addition to our Writing Services, is very cool! This service offers a professionally written, magazine-style article about your life or any aspect of your life you choose as the focus. We can use information and stories you’ve already written up, supplemented by a phone or video-phone interview and any photos you want to include. If you have nothing in writing, we’ll craft the entire article from the phone interview.

The idea is to give you a focus piece that you can use according to your needs:

  • Include the link on your résumé to broaden potential employers’ view of your attributes.
  • Send it to your local news organizations, and they just might print it!
  • Post the link as part of a dating profile.
  • Print it out, frame each page and hang the framed pages on your office or home office wall.
  • Print out copies to place in binders and hand out to friends just for fun.
  • Incorporate the professionally written paragraphs into your own memoir.

The Magazine-style Bio is one of the many changes introduced with the Fall 2018 Write My Memoirs Relaunch. Find it by clicking on the Writing Services button at the top of the home page. You can be the next magazine profile star!